The story of an extraordinary pipe organ in an extraordinary cathedral in Sierra Leone

It’s been four years, since restoration work began on the mighty pipe organ in St George’s Cathedral, Freetown, Sierra Leone. Hundreds of parts have been dismantled, cleaned and painstakingly repaired. There are still a few steps to go before the instrument’s voice reverberates again throughout the cathedral, nevertheless it’s become clear that the result is…

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All about Hill, Norman and Beard

Wm. Hill & Son and Norman & Beard Ltd’ (also known as Hill, Norman and Beard) was formed in 1916 from the amalgamation of the two large organ-building firms – Hill & Son of London and Norman & Beard of Norwich. The business traded on its heritage looking after many of the large cathedral organs…

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Profile of man

Jonathan Lane – the master craftsman restoring the pipe organ in St George’s Cathedral, Freetown, Sierra Leone

Jonathan Lane is the master craftsman charged with the challenging task of restoring the historic pipe organ in St George’s Cathedral, Freetown, Sierrra Leone. Early years He was born in Surrey and lived in Surrey, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire in his childhood. From the age of two he was fascinated with the pipe organ, playing…

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